If you’re a resident of Adelaide, you’ll be well aware of the dry climate we experience. In fact, Adelaide is the driest of all Australian capital cities and the effects of the recent drought in particular have affected the foundations of homes across the area. If you’re looking for someone to help with your Adelaide foundation repairs or roof repairs in Adelaide, then you should consider the following options:

Drought and Soil Stabilisation

The recent drought in Southern Australia dried out layers of reactive clay, which lay deep in the ground causing many homes to experience issues with subsidence. The science behind why Adelaide was hit particularly hard is that the majority of the area is formed of sedimentary deposits, which form relatively soft soils. The reactive clays within the soil shrink when they lose moisture content, which is where the problems really start. Foundation Repair Foundation Repairs The majority of the homes and buildings in Adelaide that we see are built on concrete to provide them with support and stability. With the recent changes in soil however bought on by drought and the ongoing Adelaide climate, many buildings have started to lose their support as subsidence begins to develop.

Traditional Underpinning

We want to help you to ensure your home is as stable as possible and that issues with subsidence do not go left unresolved. The main thing we need to do is to raise, re-support and re-level the foundations or footings of your property to ensure its long term stability. Traditionally, underpinning involves the following processes: Digging or excavating under the house Pouring in concrete and waiting for it to set Raising up the house off the concrete Advantages of Underpinning include: Stabilization of the structure gives strength and value to the property Other corrections and alterations can be made to the structure of the property during underpinning if required Long term safety and comfort Can lead to the avoidance of larger structural issues and repair works in the future.

New Methods of Underpinning

Speak to us today to find out about new methods of underpinning which may be appropriate for your home or property. There are a number of options available and many of these are viewed to be less obtrusive, tidier and quicker than having to excavate and jack up a house. Check out this website for more information.

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