House Undrpinning in Melbourne

At MCAQ concreting, we often deal with the slab or foundations of homes as they are usually made of concrete. Unfortunately, sometimes the soil can become unstable and cause issues with the concrete foundation which typically requires underpinning to help fix these issues

Houses are exposed to the elements day after day. However sturdy and strong they may be on the outside, it’s worth bearing in mind what they also have to withstand in terms of climate, soil quality and movement underground.

This is particularly relevant in Melbourne – a city where we’ve seen recent droughts, as well as geological issues such as sandy soil in areas such as Pt Philip Bay.

Soil in Melbourne

Did you know that the land on which Melbourne currently stands was once a volcano? Difficult to imagine now! As a result of this geological history, the city has a diverse range of soils:

  • Sandy
  • Clay
  • Dense basalt rock
  • Old lava tubes

Similar to other South Australian cities, Melbourne soil also contains reactive clays. The issue with these is that they shrink upon losing moisture content – a major cause of subsidence in South Australian homes.

House Underpinning


Do you need it?

If you’ve noticed cracks in your walls, especially near windows, doors or in the corners of rooms, the chances are that you may have issues with subsidence. Similarly, have you noticed that your windows and doors are not shutting exactly?

Or you may have seen that your skirting board has gaps in between them where parts of the floor have sunk.

We can happily advise you on the likely causes of any of the above and help you to move forwards to rectifying any issues for the long term.

What is House Underpinning?

House Underpinning is a process used to strengthen the foundation of a building or structure, which currently has a foundation that is not strong or stable enough. As a process it generally involves:

Traditionally, underpinning involves the following processes:

  • Digging or excavating under the house
  • Pouring in concrete and waiting for it to set
  • Raising up the house off the concrete

More and more homes in Melbourne are requiring underpinning as a result of the changing climate and the ongoing geological factors that contribute to the soil composition in the area. T

here are newer methods of underpinning that could be more efficient for your needs so speak to us today to find out what we can offer you.

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