As interest rates continue to rise after prolonged periods at 0% across the globe following the financial crisis, many home buyers have decided to pull back from the lifelong impacting decision of buying a new home. The cost of the average mortgage will likely rise by $1500 per year for the lowest priced properties across Australia and the western speaking world. As a consequence, there is a renewed growth in home improvement industries with concrete being a great benefactor of this surge in makeovers.

How should Businesses Take Advantage

The biggest question for most concrete companies and other home improvement industries is how can they benefit from this shift of homebuyer attention in the most effective way. Should they be looking for effective effective digital marketing experts to help them on their path to rank higher on Google? Should they be turning to the phone and calling everyone to let them know that now is the perfect time to reinvest in improving their current occupancy rather than embracing those higher expenses? The method to revenue is each business prerogative to choose but if they are not thinking about this now and still dwindling in the dead zone of page two on Google then they may miss the opportunity of a lifetime to snatch some of the most recent market shift towards home improvement.

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