The boys at MCAQ were not wearing their high vis jackets last weekend. They weren’t wearing a whole lot to be entirely honest. As they took part in the annual home improvement men’s calendar for the cyberbullying charity ECB. They were joined in their scantily clothed state by the team at and it was a great time had by all. The team managed to raise nearly $2000 for charity but whilst the professionals went out after for their usual routine the boys at MCAQ had to be home in bed early as they were back on the tools at 7am Saturday morning to come down to reality and get on with making homes around Melbourne delicious in concrete. If you were there and you saw the guys with their tops off and you’d like to see them with their tops on then dnt hesitate to call MCAQ today to get a free quote on any concrete needs you have. We provide full installation, design and maintenance work on concrete pathways, driveways, polished floors and countertops.

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